Advertisement Benefit and Adverse Effects IELTS Essay Band 6 to 7

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Indeed, advertisement becomes an irrefutable part of the present life. Day by day technology advancement increases, thus every part of life improving. Here we will discuss the positive and negative effect of advertisement in the upcoming paragraphs.

Well, there are a plethora of benefits to the advertisement. The first and foremost is, it is an important tool of marketing, which provide wide knowledge about ample of products to the customers. Customers get information about goods and select the best according to their needs. For example, Face wash, for dry skin type and oily skin type, thus the consumers choose the products according to their skin type.

In addition, it is useful to create employment. Many models and actors are working in the advertisement company, so it is helpful for creating employment in the country. Moreover, it is also helpful for the company’s limelight. Through media, one product spread in entire consumers. It is, directly and indirectly, useful for common men.

On the other hand, there are ample of drawbacks of advertisement. The major one is, it is making public to extravagant. For example, the young generation always buys a product when they see an advertisement. Sometimes they buy the same thing without need, only under the attraction of their role model or film star. Additionally, the advertisement making process needs a lot of money. When a product failed in front public, the company gets losses, so it is suffered by their worker and owner.

To conclude, advertisement has both attributes the positive and the negative. If the consumer took decision wisely anyone cannot face the problem. And industries should also check all aspects of advertisement before making.

How advertisement affects a consumer opinion:

It is true, somewhere customer demand change under advertisement affection. Role model, famous superstar, and favorite actor plays a role as convinces, Mostly companies doing marketing through film star and well-known sports person. For example, when masses see their favorite star doing act, in particular, advertise than, they buy goods under love and affection toward their loved ones. Children most of the product buy,  which they found it is somewhere related to their favorite cartoon and character, Thus advertisement influence the society to buy desire.

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