Apply Online Study Permit Extension Step by Step

Is your study permit expiring before completion of studies? The solution to this is Extent your Study Permit. However, if your study is complete and wants to stay in Canada then you can restore status via applying for a work permit or turn it into a visitor visa.

When to extend your study permit?

Not all international students need to apply for a study permit extension. Basically, students who drop a semester (unscheduled) or fail to clear some subjects may need to extend. when study permit is issued, it’s basically the length of your course plus 90 days. The 90 extra days is time to prepare to leave Canada or to change your status which could be a visitor or temporary worker.

So, if you want to study further, you have to apply for an extension. But note that, you should apply at least 30 days before your initial study permit expires. One more thing, if you finish your studies earlier than expected then also permit will expire in 90 days after completing studies. Expiry date on study permit doesn’t matter in this case.

Note: Apply to extend study permit at least 30 days before the original expiry date.

Extend your study permit: How to apply

We recommend you to apply online, online application is received to processing authority instantly. This means your application would process a bit faster. If you can’t apply online then you can submit a paper application.

Step 1: What you need

  • a scanner or camera.
  • A valid Debit/credit card.

Step 2: Read instructions before submitting your application (use the link below).

Step 3: You have to answer a few questions, that helps to generate a personalized document checklist.

Step 4: Pay Fees.

Step 5: Create your online account.

Study permit (including extensions): $150
Restore your status: $350
Processing time: 40 days(updated on 2 October 2019)

For more detail about the study permit and it’s an extension visit the

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