CRS Express Entry Next Draw Date Score Prediction

Are you wondering when will the next draw for Express Entry? Or What cutoff score could be? If yes, you may find the answer here. As you know we keep you updated with the latest CRS cutoff score.

Anything over 455 is challenging and candidates need to have good score in IELTS language test but doesn’t have LMIA or PNP etc to gain additional points.

Express Entry is one of the quickest and simple processes of getting Canadian Permanent Residence.

Talking about earlier this year, the score remained high from a couple of months. However, once it dropped to 438 for sure. But other than that it was 450+ most of the time.

Another problem for foreign graduate students is that WES is now taking more time to evaluate credentials. Talking of myself, it almost took 35 plus days.

All categories mean the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, and Canadian Experience Class.

CRS Express Entry Next Draw 2020

A new Express Entry draw invited 3282 candidates to apply for Canadian PR. The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score was 452.

Check: Express Entry Recent Draw cutoff Score

A new invitation round through Canada’s Express Entry system issued 3311 invitations to candidates with Comprehensive Ranking System scores of 452 or higher.

Now the question comes, what will CRS Express Entry Next Draw date for all categories?

Draw happens every two weeks, but sometimes it has some conditions like PNP / FST Only. However, Given Canada’s higher admission targets for 2019 and 2020. We can say there will be more frequent or larger draws in the future.

Expected date of the Express Entry draw: May 3rd week

Time zone: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) afternoon

However, recently we got updates about a lot of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) invitations including Ontario. Which means more candidates will join with 600+ score in the pool.

Next draw cutoff: 449(if 3200 to 3700 invitation issued) *if draw held for only PNP followed by CEC.

468(open draw prediction) 

Update:  15 April 2020

Leave comments, How much you expect CRS cutoff score for May 2020 or how much you believe it should be.

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81 thoughts on “CRS Express Entry Next Draw Date Score Prediction”

  1. My NOC code is 2171, whether the OPNP ever has this code included in the Tech draw? What are the chances or having this code?

  2. Are any chances the CRS going down? I am standing at 437 currently, what could be the chances of me getting an ITA?

  3. I hope your prediction of 466 comes through. Been sitting at 466 since November 11 when I lost 5 points due to age ( entered the pool with 471 but crs was too high).

  4. The last prediction done was 470 for the last draw in feb 2020 , quite good.
    I am wondering if you have done same in past, its quite difficult to predict but I think this site has really nice information and knowledgeable contributors.

  5. its not valid. i have done a distance PGDBA from SCDL but it was not recognised by WES. Please give a second thought before choosing SCDL.

  6. Helo all,

    I have a question to ask regarding yesterdays draw(19 Feb 2020).Our CRS score is 470 and profile updated on 19th July 2019.Even though the Tie break is January 2020,we didnt receive ITA.kindly update your answers

    • There were many draws under 470 after July 2019. Why you didn’t got invitation in those draws? If you say it was updated in July last year.

  7. Hi
    As you predicted 468 , my score is 467 and my work permit expiring second week of March . Is there any possibility it will drop down little more what you predicted??

    • I’m on 462 as well. The score actually dropped to 462 late last year but I missed to cut off mark. I’m becoming less and less optimistic that the score will actually drop to 462 again

  8. Hi. My CRS score was 437 plus I got PNC aswell. As I read above, 600 points will be added to my CRS score. What are the chances of getting my ITA in up coming draw? Also how and when will these 600 points added to my EE profile? I got my PNC couple of days before but I don’t see 600 points being updated yet.

    • Only if you get PNP nomination.

      Given the current trend, with so many NOIs and PNPs issued across several provinces, unfortunately there is almost no hope for CRS score to go below 460 this year 🙁

      I am myself sitting at 454, and have lost almost all hope for regular FSW EE draw.

  9. “Next draw cutoff score is expected to show some drop, it could go under 460.”
    Ray of Hope!

    Hopefull to go down by again 457 and then 452, as I am stuck at 452.

  10. My score is 457. Still did not recieved an ITA last time when it dropped to 457 cos of tie breaking rule. Hoping to get this time.

    • As the last draw was of 463, when about 7200 candidates had score 450+. Among them, the top 3600 would have got ITA. Rest still in the pool, in two weeks if 3000 new candidates come with 460+ score then it would be hard. I think, 455 or less cutoff score is only possible when no candidate left after draw with 450+ in the pool.

  11. My score is 453. I got ITA in multiple PNP programs. I want to keep my options open to settle anywhere in Canada. Anybody see any chance for me getting ITS this year ? or shall I go with PNP ?

  12. Based on my prediction, the next draw will be on Sep 18, and the CRS cut off point will be around 456 (most likely 456,459) . My CRS score is 451, so hopefully I will get invitation in the first week of October or November.

  13. I was also surprised by the increase in the cut off points, especially given that it was by 6 points and let alone for a draw conducted within two weeks from the previous one.

    My personal prediction though is that the cut off points will continue to range between 450 and 460 for the bulk of the draws to be conducted this year. My current CRS score is 438 and if I would be honest with myself, I do not see the cut off point going that low anytime soon; I’m finding ways to beef it up. I also think that at some point in time it will fall to as low as 450 before the year ends or at least by early next year.

    My little research shows me that there is generally a growing interest by professionals from all over the world in migrating to Canada which probably explains the long term increase in CRS cut off points. Good thing is that the government’s 2019 and 2020 ITA targets are also high which will obviously counter the increase CRS points.

    Keep your head up high Tan, everything is possible. Stay hopeful!!

  14. Guys,
    September 4th draw crs shot up to 463! What do you all think the sudden spike happened for?

    It was based on regular frequency of 2 weeks, then why didn’t it fall to around 454-455 from August 20 crs of 457?

    This was my last chance with score 459, I was so hopeful but did not receive ITA.

    My birthday is in a week and this would reduce my score to 454. What do you guys think ? Do I have any hope of receiving ITA in the near future??

  15. I predict the next/next-next draw will be one of these days – 3-Sept, 8-Sept, 17-Sept, 22-Sept, and 27-Sept.

    Given that today is already the 4th of Sept., I already missed my first prediction.

    As for the cut-off score, I think it will be 454 for the next round. Let me explain – The cut-off CRS score dropped a lot since it hit 470 level due the build-up from that 28days gap between draws. Applicants over 455 score are not many- around 7000 applicants scored between 451-600. Therefore, given that the draw takes place in a day or two should bring down the score at least a couple of points. But, I do not see the cut-off being lower than 450 anytime soon unless there are multiple draws in quick succession.
    In conclusion, based on the recent trend, I believe not many applicants with points over 457 applied since Aug 20 draw! (maybe my wishful thinking). For that reason, the point should decrease.

  16. every draw – 3350 people are invited, but close to 6000 people are back again in the slot between 451 – 600. Are you sure that CRS score will come down less than 460? Is there a possibility that the cut-off score could be less than 440 this year?

    • 6000 approx was as of June 21 then we got one round June 26. Considering this, may be it can go down under 460. For open category it may not go under 440 this year, this is what I expect.


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