Museum should charge entry fees or not IELTS Bands 6 to 7

Here is a modal answer for IELTS writing task 2 topic “Museum should charge entry fees or not”. The question may be asked like Many museums charge for admission while others are free. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Or you can be asked to discuss its advantages and disadvantages.Many museums charge for admission while others are free.

The museum should charge entry fees or not?

The museum helps to recall our past and provide information about our ancestor. Most of the museum collections and store antic and traditional things for the general public. So, it is an interesting place, which helps to understand history. Some museum charges for visiting for visitors but some are free of charges.

Some People believe that museums should be charges entrance and others think that it should be free of cost to the traveler.

There is ample reason why masses should charge admission fees in the museum. The prime one is charges are a source of income for the museum, to maintain the facility of the museum, such as salary of a worker, refreshment charges of staff, another cost of repairing and all museum antic piece. Moreover, charges are necessary to further development of the museum.

In addition, it helps to control overcrowding. If such type of places free of cost available than some people go there for time pass. Some masses go for doing an unethical activity, such as scratching monument and sculpture, disturbing arrangement. Nowadays in the highly polluted area are under the eyes of many robber, predator and chain snatcher, thus museum charges appear to be a tool to control the crowd.

However, somewhere it seems as unusable practice. The major one is, it is a heritage for everyone, they have the right to see their historical things, places and all. The poor section cannot afford such expenses to explore the places.  If the museum takes charges financial week society get no the opportunity to make a link between their culture and tradition because of mostly museum stored historical and traditional, conventional things. Furthermore, some students want to go such type of places but because of charges, their parents cannot give permission to spend money on these activities.

Conversely, charges are useful to generate revenue, taxes, and duties, maintain changes. It is also an income resource for them. Somewhere it affects the society but they should be charged reasonable fees, eventually, it is helpful to all.

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