Technology and Traditional Cultures IELTS Writing 6 – 7 Bands

I Questions about Technology and traditional cultures are quite commonly found in the IELTS Writing Task 2 essay. Here is one model answer that is capable of getting from Band range 6 to 7.

Our culture and tradition still are useable

Culture and tradition are the roots of every country. Day by day technology advancement growing, now some people forget their tradition and they think conventional things are useless things for future, it cannot help in throughout the life, while some messes believe that traditional skills and ways irrefutable part of life. The present era is continuing change; everyone should have to do work on it. It always remains a burning issue for the entire world.

There are ample of reasons, why traditional skill and ways crucial for everyone, it should be keeping them alive. The first and foremost is, it is a way of connecting a new generation to their ancestors. For example, television shows when present the earlier time, young children always attract toward their traditional lifestyle and they learn from their grandparents or parents even collected information through the internet. Automatically they link with their traditional skills and understand that, how it is better from presentation skills.

Furthermore, it provides identity, for instance, if traditions and customs are forgotten then all religions and region will become the same, their uniqueness is lost somewhere. Every part of the nation, use many skills which vary from regions to regions. Even their celebration style also different. Such as Dewali celebration and Holi celebration, these festivals are the same but every state of India celebrated in different ways. Vrindavan Holi celebration is popular in the entire world and Ayodhya Dewali is also fascinating.

Conversely, there are a plethora of factors behind, why it seems useless. The major one is, it becomes a barrier in the field of development. Many conservative ways which are not profitable, but it is continuing just for culture and tradition values, such as women do household work, men handle all type of outside work. These codes of conducts are completely wrong, that is why women see as a weak section of society.

Additionally, some skills are outdated which are useless like wisely manual accounting work, stock management manually. Many accounting applications are developed, which are suitable for small as well as the biggest organization, and its operating cost also very low. Now ample of industries use them, it provides errorless data, which is not possible by handwork.

I personally opine that the development of technology is very helpful to enhance the country economy. Industrialization is possible only when the nation upgrades the skills and ways of time to time of work. What is the more, the present scenario is day by day upgrade if nation depends on their tradition and custom that they cannot compete with other nation and unfortunately country become backward, never overcame from it?

To conclude, technology advancement is an essential part of life but it does not mean that all tradition skills and method are pointless.

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